Our Programs

Whatever task you must do, work as if your soul depends on it...

Colossians 3:23

Children's Sunday School

Sunday School at Charleswood Mennonite Church is a fun and educational hour, filled with worship, activities, and learning. For the younger half of the group (aged 3 to grade 6), we start the morning singing camp songs together, before splitting up into age groups: age 3-kindergarten, grades 1-3, and grades 4-6. In these classes we follow the Shine Curriculum, looking at Bible stories. The junior and senior high classes meet separately, focusing on different themes or Bible stories, exploring them while also taking time to debrief about their lives.

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Sunday Seminars

In our Sunday Seminars (Aka Adult Education) we delve into topics related to Christian witness and congregational life drawing upon speakers, books and online resources and then group discussions. Specific topics include creation care, missions and service, caring for mental health, the visual arts in worship, and the meaning and practice of communion.

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Youth Ministry at CMC is focused on the integration of the gifts and voices of youth in the life of the church. The church sees the capabilities of youth not as the church of tomorrow but brought into the life of the church today. Whether it is reading Scripture, working with children, helping lead worship, ushering, summer camp leadership or serving in other ways — CMC seeks to celebrate youth and their gifts. We discover the gifts in one another through intergenerational activities, mentoring relationships, Christian formation, and regular youth events.

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Small Groups

Small groups, also known as Koinonia groups, are formed so people of our church can get to know each other better. These groups of about a dozen people each, meet in the homes of participants if the home is large enough or in the church. Most groups meet monthly or every other month. A meal or some food is usually part of the fellowship as well. Some groups discuss books or particular themes while others spend time visiting or sharing from their life experiences. Others may go on outings to places of interest. If you are interested in joining a group please contact the church office. office@charleswoodmennonite.ca